Noah’s ARC is currently serving 488 children and they are at different levels of education of these,

  • 427  in primary level,
  • 50 in secondary,
  • 11 in tertiary and university.
  • 20  of our Children have already graduated and are self-sustaining to their families and the community.

Financial need for a child to be fully transformed;

Each of our Primary and secondary child requires $120 per month, and $1440 per year, while those in university and tertiary institutions require financial support of $150 per month per child and $1800 per year. Each of these funds collected is put under the education fund basket to take care of all the children in those different levels.

This fund covers children’s needs like quality education health care food and clothing and scholastic materials.


We place the utmost importance on safeguarding the privacy, dignity, and security of our children. To respect these values, we have chosen not to display photos of individual children seeking sponsorship on our website.
If you would like to obtain information about joining our mission to provide education and care for the children we support, we have many opportunities to share with you. Please reach out to us.

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