Welcome to Noah's Arc

NOAH’S ARC is a Christian-based organization operating in Kyenjojo District, Mid-Western Uganda. It focuses on implementing program’s aimed at fighting and eradicating hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and exposure to preventable diseases to all unconditionally without basing on their religion, race and political affiliation. It was founded by Kenneth and Beatrice in November 2008 after realizing that the majority of the population in Kyenjojo District live below the poverty line and is thus exposed to hunger, poverty, illiteracy and preventable diseases.

What we do

Passionate About Making a Difference in communities.

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100% of your donation makes a difference in lives of people living in extreme poverty in Uganda.

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You can also support our work with your donation to one of our other current projects. NOAH'S ARC's efforts are crucial in uplifting the community and improving the quality of life for the residents. By providing assistance in the areas of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and preventable diseases, the organization plays a vital role in creating a better future for the people it serves.

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